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Folklore & Myths
This site established and maintained by Doug Ashlimore at the University of Pittsburg has numerous copyright free texts organised alphabetically for retrieval.

Myths and Legends (Archived)
A mix of myths and legends from most classical groupings (eg Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse) and ones created by contemporary storytellers. Distracting animations but useful written and recorded texts.

Index to Andrew Lang's Fairy Tale Collections
This index enables you to locate specific fairy tales in specific collections and in some cases to locate an electronic text version of it

Grimm's Tales
This site provides the complete texts of 209 tales, based on Margaret Hunt's translations (presented as Grimm's Household Tales).

Classified Stories (A mind Blower!, Archived)
Exclusively for storytellers (ie. anyone who finds the site), After locating the site homepage, click on SOS: Searching Out Stories, and finally on any of the 101 categories listed.

Many, Many Tales of Wonder (Archived)
This site is a portal to a large number of other websites archiving more stories than you could ever read in a lifetime. The works of Hans Christian Andersen, Aesop's Fables and assortments to explore…