Information about Archival

Storytelling Australia has collected, over many years, important and useful resources from across the internet, for fellow Storytellers to use. However, websites don't last forever, and many of these vital resources are now no longer online. Luckily, the Internet Archive exists to archive many sites, to prevent the resources on those sites from being lost to time. While the Internet Archive is very thorough, and sophisticated, the archival process is not 100% effective. Some functions on archived sites will not function as intended.

If you see a link listed on this website, followed in brackets by "Archive", then that link will take you to an archived site. Please be patient with these sites: they can be slow, and may not look entirely correct, but the majority of the vital information should still be accessible.

You will also notice an Internet Archive header on the page. That header allows you to navigate different archived versions of the website, on different dates. If you would like to learn how to use the "Wayback Machine", which is what the Internet Archive calls its archive explorer, visit this link.